7 Privacy Protection Tips From Former CIA Employee

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privacy protection tipsIt’s time to found out about 7 privacy protection tips from Edward Showden!

There have been a lot of news stories recently about security breaches due to hackers.

Large scale attacks from hackers cost people hundreds of millions of dollars.

On a smaller scale such as with retail stores of health care offices you do not have the control you need to protect your data.

You are trusting that someone else is protecting it. In other cases there are some things you can do to protect your personal information.

Hackers have not bothered too much with cell phones but it is only a matter of time before they breach them as well.

You purchases and even your pictures are at risk. Thirty two percent of people use online banking and some even use mobile banking which is a hacker’s dream. There are some ways to protect your data.

Edward Snowden, who is the National Security Agency whistleblower, gave some suggestions on how to keep information safe and protected.

People are often concerned about stalkers and want to take measures to get their privacy back.

Snowden has some tips to protect your documents, calls, texts, and other information form hackers. Protecting your information is essential. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be something as simple as downloading an app.

1. Privacy Protection Tips – Encrypt Texts and Telephone Calls

The News of the World phone tracking scandal in the early part of the 2000s got the attention of people all around the world.

It is possible to hack a cell phone. Hackers can be listening in to conversations. They can be innocent conversations but some may be sensitive and give personal data.

There are several tools to encrypt cell phones. If a person is able to get the message they cannot read it.

An app that is recommended for this is Signal. It was created by the Open Whisper System. The app is free for iOS and Android phones. It is easy to use and will not interfere with service.

Click here to download Signal from Google Play

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2. Privacy Protection Tips – Encrypt your online communications in chat

If you use online chat as your communication tool, try a service like ChatCrypt.  This service will encrypt your messages before they leave your browser. It makes your messages visible only to the opposite end user with the password.

3. Privacy Protection Tips – Encrypt the Hard Disk

This is common and will help keep information safe. If your laptop is stolen without encrypting it the criminal will have access to everything you ever did online including checking bank statements.

Some disk encryption tools like BitLocker is a built-in tool in operating systems such as Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate and newer.

Mac users have also built-in encryption tool such as FireVault 2.

4. Privacy Protection Tips – Use a Password Manager

Too many people use the same password for several accounts. While it may be easier for us to remember it is putting us at risk.

If hacked the hacker will be able to get into your email, bank account, and any credit card accounts.

A password manager will allow you to create unique passwords for each account you have.

You do not have to memorize them. A service such as KeePassX is a good tool to use.

5. Privacy Protection Tips – Two Factor Authorization

This will help add protection to an account if your password is hacked. The government has funded additional studies and security features besides passwords. They often use two factor authorization.

If you enable this feature on your email or another site you will need to enter a password as well as a code.

The code will be sent to your cell phone or smart device. The hacker will not only need your password but your phone and this code to get into your account.

There are some drawbacks to this feature but it adds an extra level of security. Sites including Facebook, Bank of America, and PayPal among others offer this advanced security feature.

6. Privacy Protection Tips – Internet browsing

Snowden also makes another suggestion about which internet browser is more secure to use. He recommends using browser such as Tor.

Another name for Tor is ‘the onion router’. Tor’s security is compared to onion with multiple layers.

Your data such as your physical location won’ be collected by site that you visit due to multiple layers of security.

7. Privacy Protection Tips – Do Not Overshare or Common Sense

This is not technical but will help keep you safe on the internet. For some this may seem like common sense.

Do not share too much information online including on social media site.

People do not need to know what pharmacy you use. Facebook does not need to know the answer to your security questions.

You do not have to put your mother’s maiden name on your Facebook if it’s something you are using as a password recovery tool.

If you are going on vacation do not post it for the world to see. You might as well post that your house will be empty the next week.

No matter what pages you visit online companies are collecting your information and your data. Be smart about what information you provide online and make sure you are not providing too much information.

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