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firstmerit-online-bankingAre you looking for an easy and convenient way to keep track of your personal finances without the need to expend you are own resources to do so? Well, look no further… start up your computer now and take advantage of FirstMerit free online banking program today!

At FirstMerit Bank, know now more than ever how important it is for you, the customer, to have access to your personal finances. Therefore, in order to make life easier for you, they have constructed one of the most comprehensive and simple-to-use FirstMerit online banking programs possible!

Their program implements features and benefits that will make your personal banking experience considerably more effective through it’s innovative use of many of the services that could previously only be achieved by visiting a branch location and expending the valuable time and effort required to sustain your busy schedule.

With FirstMerit online banking, you now have access to your full account transaction history, you can view your cancelled checks, account statements, transfer funds between your accounts, make loan payments, order checks, and much more!

Also, by utilizing their revolutionary online feature: ‘Accounts and Security Alerts’, you have the option to receive free alerts by email, text message, or both. With this exciting feature, you can set up and personalize your online experience by choosing to receive desired ‘alerts’ after reaching specific balances of your choosing, depending on your own personal needs. Some such messages can be created to indicate: ‘low balance’ or ‘high balance’, to let you know when your account has reached specific, ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, which will keep you updated on any major changes which have occurred to your account.

At First Merit Bank, their team is working tirelessly to stay ahead of the competition by offering YOU, they valued customers, the best and most innovative solutions possible to assist with your personal banking needs. Use FirstMerit Online Banking, and take advantage of their online services today, and get the most out of your banking experience!

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