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Banks play an important role within society and for many people within a community. Industries, companies and various businesses rely on banking institutions to assist with start-up costs and for obtaining capital for business operations. Local citizens rely on banks as a place to save their money, cash their paychecks, take out loans and to safeguard some of their valuable possessions. Even though banks are an essential institution within society, there is speculation that many of these financial depositories will no longer be in business.

Some financial industry insiders claim that brick-and-mortar banking institutions will not be around within ten years. They speculate that many banks will no longer be in operation by the year 2025. The primary reason as to why commercial banking locations will no longer remain relevant is due to the rise of online and mobile banking services.

Bank Services Transformation – Check Writing, Cashing and Paper of Any Kind

Currently, many banks offer a lot of their financial services online. This means that people can perform traditional banking activities such as depositing a check or withdrawing money, simply by clicking a series of buttons on their computers or mobile devices. As a matter of fact, many people already use online banking to direct deposit their paychecks into their account. Other services can also be performed with online banking and they include paying bills, shopping and transferring money.

banking services transformation

Bank Services Transformation – In-Branch Services

Online banking does not require people to make a trip to a local bank institution to conduct financial business. They can simply set up an account with a banking institution of their choice and then perform banking related transactions with their mobile device. Many app developers are continuing to make improved banking apps that will give consumers the ability to manage their money with the use of their smartphone or tablet.

Bank Services Transformation – Traditional Bank Tellers

Many banks already have “virtual” tellers installed within their location and this trend is expected to grow as well. Once this does take place, a lot of bank tellers will be out of a job. Tellers that are fortunate enough to remain employed will have a new set of duties related to their field. They will more than likely be used to assist customers who must call their banking institution to resolve a problem.

Keep in mind that older banking customers typically do not like the new changes that online banking provides. As a matter of fact many Baby Boomers will probably still want to do business at a local bank with tellers. There are also many other segments of the population that probably will not adjust to online banking if it becomes the norm. Low-income individuals who do not have an internet connection or equipment to access their accounts, will probably still favor brick-and-mortar banking outlets.

Bank Services Transformation – Face to Face Asset Management

Overall, most commercial banking institutions are pushing for this type of change; but some commercial branches will still be around for personal reasons. They know some customers appreciate face-to-face interactions that happen with tellers. So, keeping a few brick-and-mortar branches in operation will be necessary.

Also, sometimes it is crucial for customers to speak directly with a banking employee instead of communicating through an email or phone call. Ultimately, personal banking services will be transformed by online transactions. Even though this will be the case, a few brick-and-mortar organizations will still be around to provide direct personalized banking services to customers.

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