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BECU-online-bankingBecu is Washington’s largest credit union, and the fourth largest credit union in the United States, originally established for Boeing Company employees. Becu serves thousands of residents in the Washington area, and offers many different types of services, including online banking services.

Becu’s free online banking service is available for all of Becu’s customers, where customers are able to control many of their banking issues and transactions online. People that join Becu and become a member are able to do online banking are also able to pay many of their bills online, once a member of the union.

Becu offers online banking members opportunities to open a savings or a checking account, and customers are able to apply for loans with lower loan rates. The Union not only offers individual memberships, but business memberships are also available.

Many Becu members find it easier to do all of their banking needs online, as it saves time, and is more of a convenient way to bank. Becu online banking offers members the opportunity to sign up for mobile banking, where members can take care of business from the palm of their hand. Members can pay bills, apply for loans, make money transfers, and many other things online.

To become an original first time member of the union, people must visit the office and get an account opened and set up, After the initial setup of an account, members can handle all banking business online. Online banking with Becu is always free, and member never have to pay a fee for using the services. To do business, members must always sign in using their user ID and password.

Members do have an opportunity to change their log in information when they feel their account is being compromised. Becu works to satisfy it’s customers at all times.

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