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budgeting tools freeA lot of women watch as their expenses escalate and they know that it is time to learn to budget. The basics of a budgeting plan is easy to understand. More money should be going in then is going out. However, it is extremely difficult to get with that program. Consequently, a number of banks are providing an online budgeting calculator or other tools to help women focus more on staying within a budget.

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Today, banks have developed a plan to attract more women. They offer tools like a budget calculator that they find extremely useful in their financial life. Other offerings guaranteed to attract women include designer checks and customized debit cards. The women find these tools useful and might apply the Personal Financial Management Tools or budget calculator provided by the bank to their budgeting. Certainly, this is the theory that is held by those banks targeting women with their advertising. The question still remains. Are more women really using the tools?

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Sources show that nearly a third of the women in a study use PFM (personal financial management) Tools or a budget calculator provided by their bank. Others rely on outside methods to plan their budgeting or to keep their budgeting on track.


Here is a startling fact. Men are more likely to use budgeting tools provided by a bank or other source than women. One reason might be that men are still the primary income earner in most families today. Therefore, money is constantly on their mind and a hot topic for most men. Men want to take control of their finances and know where their money is going. Men are also more likely to use other personal resources to manage their money. Female customers are more likely to request those budgeting tools and services, but less likely to use them in the long run.

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