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Global_Cash_CardGlobal Cash Card has been creating reliable, customized paycard programs for employers and companies for over ten years. Their dedication and focus on paycard products and services has allowed them to develop and provide systems that lead within the industry and give their customers the personalized, high quality service they need.

Global Cash Card understands and works with the entire paycard process, from technologies to implementation, giving their customers constant assistance for smooth implementation and continued usage of their products and programs.

Paycards are useful for companies and employers who need to pay employees who do not have or use bank accounts. Rather than paying their employees in paper checks that could be difficult for them to cash and spend, employers can give their employees paycards—reloadable debit cards. This payment system is easy, flexible, and completely paperless. It is also available for Visa or Mastercard for increased options and flexibility.

How to use Global Cash Card

Global Cash Card not only offers a variety of individualized programs, but also provides free promotional materials to its customers and on-site support in order to maximize participation in the paycard program. Once implemented, Global Cash Card continues to use state of the art technology to offer constant and fully functional support to all users.

From cardholder alerts and redundant data centers to real-time reporting and a worldwide surcharge-free ATM network, Global Cash Card is all about providing safe, useful, flexible paycard programs.

Benefits of Global Cash Card

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