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huntington online bankingDo you need help finding an online bank that is best suited to your financial needs? Do you need an easy to use bank that provides services for small businesses, consumers, commercial businesses? Then Huntington Online Banking may be the perfect fit for all of your online banking needs. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Huntington Online Banking is a well established bank that has been dedicated to giving its customers full banking services and benefits, along with high quality customer support.

What Is Huntington Online Banking And What Kind Of Services Do They Offer?

Huntington Online Banking, or the Huntington National Bank, is a regional bank that was first founded in 1866. Although the Huntington National Bank is primarily located in Columbus, Ohio, it has more than 700 locations, including in retirement centers and grocery stores. The Huntington National Bank’s main service markets are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan.

Huntington Online Banking offers a wide array of services for their customers, such as mortgage banking services, foreign exchange services, brokerage services, wealth and investment services, treasury management, and equipment leasing. When you sign up for online banking, you get free bill pay, free online statements, and you will be able to easily review your account and transfer funds. You can even schedule your transfers. You will also be able to easily organized your payments, transfers, and other financial information in only a few easy steps.

Not only does Huntington Online Banking offer a large selection of of banking services, but they are also highly secure. All of your banking information, including passwords and logins, are completely safe and protected. If you need online banking that will work for you, sign up Huntington Online Banking today!

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