ICICI online banking – Email Phishing Scams

ICICI Online Banking – What Is The Email Phishing Scam?

It is a fact that a new email phishing scam is reported about every second on the Internet. Those scams are very prevalent on the Internet and continue to grow. Cyber criminals are constantly prowling the Internet and searching for new victims. The object of the email phishing scam is to get your private information and use it for their own sordid purposes. The latest email phishing scam involves ICICI online banking users. Scam artists are sending phony emails that are meant to steal the recipients log in information and account numbers.

Here is how the email phishing scam concerning ICICI online banking works. The cyber criminal shoots a phony email message to the banking customer. The email looks very legitimate and includes a link to the banking website. The receiver is encouraged to click the link and provide their personal information. For example, their banking account number and name. The problem is that this is a link that has led them to a phony website that collects their personal data.

ICICI Online Banking - Email Phishing Scams

Email Phishing Scam

There is a way for people to avoid email phishing scams. Look for the following tell tale signs that the email is a phony. Most of the time the email will contain misprints or bad spelling, almost 98% of the time. Look for errors in the company or banking name. They will request your personal pin number or password. Your bank or any other Legitimate sources will never request your account number, pin number, or password. Use these as clues to the legitimacy of the email.

 Here is the video that will explain and show what phishing email is and how many kind of it can be. You probably received some of them.

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