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Online Banking PlaceOnline banking allows customers for a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a secured website operated by the institution, which can be a retail bank, virtual bank, credit union or building society.

With online banking you can do your day-to-day banking transactions from anywhere in the world that you use a computer with internet access, from paying bills to sending money, you can go it all with just the click of a button.

What are benefits?

There are multiple benefits to establishing your own online banking account with your financial institution. First and foremost is the luxury of being able to do your banking from anywhere at any time, this makes it possible for you to bank while away on business or vacation, or to send money if necessary in the middle of the night, giving you a sense of reliable comfort.

Online banking also doesn’t incur any hidden fees and it’s free to set up your online banking account. Your online banking account also allows you to see, print, and download bank statements and reports like deposit information, ATM withdrawals and others.

You can also schedule regular payments, whether its rent, a student loan payment or a phone bill, the ease of online banking allows you to establish recurring or on-time payments without using paper checks. From your online banking account you can also transfer money across accounts with just the click of a few buttons, the money will be transferred within a few hours if not instant.

Any Advantages?

Not only do you get the convenience of being able to process transactions at any time with your financial institution and online banking account, but the transactions are also speedy and only take several hours or few days to be completed, if they are not processed instantaneously, this is great for when you need to take out or move money quickly.

It gives you more control over your account by allowing you to keep an active eye on the transactions associated with your account, helps to keep you organized, eases the method of transferring funds.

Any Disadvantages?

Along with the bevy of advantages to this method also comes some disadvantages, like with account security. All websites may be susceptible to internet criminals who try to hack into your account and gain access to your financial information, if this happens it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

The website for your financial institution can also suffer from disruptions and navigation problems, especially if this occurs when you need to make a transaction it can be very irritating. Online banking also has a limitation with it’s identification system, in having the user tediously log in with a user name and pass code.

It can also sometimes be preferable and a more pleasant experience to conduct our business transactions with a human being, rather then through an online banking system.

Online banking vs Traditional Banking?

Some business owners worry that online banking, whether at an online-only or branch-based bank, will expose their companies to fraud risk, and this has many skeptical about conducting their banking transactions online.

Millions prefer to do online banking however because it allows them to simplify their life and complete banking transactions with ease in real time. Although online banking makes it easier to shop online and adds the benefits of convenience, ease, and comfort, there is the posed security risk that comes with any online activity.

Some continue to prefer traditional banking because they feel reassured seeing their money directly go into good hands and banks have stricter more efficient security than their online counterparts. It ultimately comes down to your own personal preference regarding comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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