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smart financialCredit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that are owned and run by their members. Each member has one vote to elect the board of directors; the credit union exists to serve its members.

While most businesses exist to serve their customers, they also have the competing needs of stockholders to consider. The more stock someone owns in a corporation, the greater their voice and influence on the board of directors. With the full range of banking services offered by most credit unions, it is easy to see why they have become so popular.

Founded in 1934, Smart Financial Credit Union‘s long history gives its members confidence in its ability to fulfill their financial needs for the long term. This credit union has shown stability and growth; which are what people look for in an institution that they trust with their money.

Offering a wide variety of deposit and loan options, Smart Financial Credit Union is very much a full range financial services provider. From credit card to home mortgages, from personal checking to money market accounts, Smart Financial Credit Union is prepared to fully service its members financial needs.

Most people have more than one option when it comes to banks, or even credit unions. Part of what makes Smart Financial Credit Union special is the fact that it has been voted one of Houston’s best places to work by the Houston Business Journal; and it was the only financial institution selected. Employees who enjoy coming to work will certainly give you better service.

Where your money is concerned, why would you ever want to get less than the best service? Particularly when you can get it at a credit union where you are an owner and share in the profits.

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