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tcf online bankingTCF is a Minnesota-based national bank with over 380 branches throughout eight states in the Midwestern and Western United States and over $18.8 billion in total assets (as of March 31, 2014). TCF provides retail and commercial banking services from its many branches, as well as commercial finance business nationwide.

 TCF strives to provide financial solutions in each of the communities it serves and to meet the various and diverse banking needs of its customers. TCF works to individualize its services to the needs of the individuals, families, or businesses it serves, including ensuring the availability of credit to all of its customers.

 TCF also provides full online banking to its customers, including a wide range of services that may be accessed at any time, from anywhere. One such service offered is complete and convenient access to checking accounts through online banking, including making deposits and checking the status of savings and checking accounts. Another is online bill pay, through which customers can easily pay their bills online from one page, even paying multiple bills at the same time or setting up automatic payment reminders.

TCF customers can even apply for a wide variety of loans online, including home equity loans, home purchase or home refinance loans, personal loans, and more. TCF also offers free online tools to help customers become as informed as possible when beginning the process of decision making regarding loan applications and payment schedules.

 While online banking can seem daunting, TCF works hard to make its customers banking experiences as safe and easy as possible. This prioritization of online safety includes easily accessible information about email fraud and tips for enhancing internet safety and protecting yourself and your online bank accounts. In addition, customers are encouraged to contact a TCF representative for help immediately should they feel threatened by fraud or identity theft.

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