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wells-fargo-locationsSomeone you know opening up a checking account? Applying for a credit card? Perhaps you yourself are looking to invest your money in a high yield savings account or through certificates of deposit. Wells Fargo has helped millions of people with all of these services, and many more, at the numerous Wells Fargo locations across the nation.

Due to the recent merger with Wachovia bank, Wells Fargo has doubled in size. In fact, Wells Fargo has over 6,200 banking stores and over 12,000 ATMs across 41 states. Outside of the United States, Wells Fargo has team members in 35 other countries, and serves more than 130 countries and over 70 million people.

But despite its size and growth, Wells Fargo remains focused on small community relationships, furthering their goal of being able to “out-local the nationals and out-national the locals.”

Wells Fargo is actually rated as the 14th most admired company in America by Fortune. Barron includes Wells Fargo in their top 25 most respected companies in the world. Additionally, Wells Fargo is in the top 10 of all United States companies in profit, and is also in the top 15 in United States market value. And it’s no surprise by looking at what all the company offers to its customers.

The company’s student loans, debit cards and overall auto lending are the second highest ranked in the country. In fact, Wells Fargo is ranked number one in retail banking stores, originating and servicing home mortgages, small business lending and middle market relationships.

However, despite all the numbers and rankings, regardless of the growth and profits they show, it all reveals how well the company is treating it’s customers, helping them to reach their financial dreams. With the large number of services the company provides and numerous Wells Fargo locations to find them, Wells Fargo is a bank going far into the future.

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