What is Evolve FCU?

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evolve fcuLet’s talk about Evolve FCU, Evolve Federal Credit Union. A credit union is a not for profit organization that is operated for the benefit of it’s members. Credit unions provide financial services to its members such as saving accounts and loans.

The credit union is owned by its members and is run by a Board of Directors who are members themselves and are elected democratically by the rest of the members. All members have one vote, regardless of the amount of money that they hold on deposit.

 Evolve Federal Credit Union is located in El Paso County, Texas. Membership is open to anyone that has a connection with this area, if they live or work here for example. Membership is also available for anyone that worships here or goes to school.

 There are seven branches of evolve FCU throughout El Paso County and an account can be opened at any one of these locations. Accounts can also be opened online, or over the phone. $15 is required as a first deposit to open your account.

There are many different options that credit unions offer for savings and evolve FCU are happy to talk all their members through these various options and help them find a way of saving that suits them best and will help them achieve their savings goals.

Once a person is a member of a credit union then they have access to all the financial services that they offer. As these services are offered for the benefit of the members then they often come at better rates than would be found in other financial institutions. Members will usually receive higher rates on their savings and lower rates on their loans.

Evolve FCU has their Facebook page that you may visit here – https://www.facebook.com/EvolveFCU.

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